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After the attack on the home base, Alex wakes up in the care of a mysterious man with extensive knowledge about Alex's condition. After receiving grave revelations of the future from this man of mystery, Alex seeks out his comrades and prepares for an all-out war. The stakes are high. The losses will be even higher if they do not do everything in their power to thwart the Mimic's plans. 


MIMIC: Volume 2 (eBook) is a digital masterpiece designed for those who love to read and explore. This Adobe Interactive file allows users to adjust text size and font style and features cool transitions when moving from one page to another. You'll need proper Adobe PDF software to fully appreciate the immersive experience of this awesome eBook. Dive into a world of thrilling stories and fascinating characters with MIMIC: Volume 2 (eBook) today!

MIMIC: Volume One (eBook)

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