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Hutchinson Boyd

 Black Maverick Comics and Publishing CEO, Hutchinson Boyd

Hutchinson Boyd, the author and illustrator of D-Voyant is a trend setter. Growing up, he was bullied for his love of math and science. Even though his bullying made making friends hard, he had someone that always had his back. His brother Darren was his rock during tough times. Darren protected him from bullies and tried his best to cheer Hutchinson up when he was feeling down. Through all of this, Hutchisnon watched as his brother was mistreated as well. The bullying that he underwent was horrific and traumatizing, but Darren still walked through life with a smile. A young child with Autism somehow knew how to keep peace when everything around him was war. It was inspiring to Hutchinson. His older brother Darren was like the heroes that they both read about in comic books. 

When Hutchinson was older he decided to make stories about heroes. While he has many stories in production, the story that he wanted to release first was D-Voyant: The Forgotten Hero Rises. This story featured a character named Darren who rose up against the bullies of the world and saved himself and his friends from living a life in terror. Sound familiar? 

Hutchinson stands proudly behind D-Voyant. He believes that this heroe's personality will not only change its commercial readers but young readers in schools. One of his goals is to use D-Voyant to spread love and acceptance for all in the school systems in the country. Support his journey by reading the first of many D-Voyant books and sharing it with others!


Edward Icolious Boye-Doe

Edward Boye-Doe, author of the Black Maverick Best Seller MIMIC.

Edward Boye-Doe, the creator of MIMIC came from humble beginnings. Born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised in both Brooklyn and the Bronx, he was treated as an outcast at a young age for being his true self and not fitting into the mold that was laid before him. The saving grace in his life was his imagination. It gave him a place to escape when he felt like no one else cared. 

As he grew older, Edward grew to love one thing more than anything else. Writing! He created a dozen stories about superheroes fighting against evil to give us all another day of peace. The worlds he created are connected and different pieces that he believes one day will form a creative universe like no other.


MIMIC: Volume One is a story like no other. When mysterious aliens invaded Earth, they destroyed everything in their path. Their durable mechanical bodies and highly advanced technology gave them the advantage in battle and their swift victory has left the human race in shambles. Running and hiding became a way of life in this post-apocalyptic world until Alex rose to the occasion. 

With the help of Jessie, Alex the Black Mimic learns to use his newfound abilities and uncover the mystery of the Mimics, giving the world hope for a brighter future. Follow Alex and Jessie on their journey and learn the truth behind the robotic invaders. 

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