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Who Am I?

My name is Hutchinson Boyd, and I am the founder and CEO of Black Maverick Comics, a new and unique publishing company. Ever since I was young, I have loved writing and illustrating stories. My first stories were fan-comics of Batman and Robin fighting villains and saving the day. Growing up I was eager to enter the engineering field because of my aptitude in science and mathematics. I completed my studies in 2020 and graduated with honors from NYIT with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology. Post-graduation I utilized my time to follow my dreams of illustrating stories for others which in a short time transformed into writing and illustrating D-Voyant: “The Forgotten Hero Rises”. This graphic novel is a passion project honoring my brother who is one of the most loving and caring persons in the world.

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A Life-Changing Decision

When I started this journey I knew that it would not be easy. I knew that I would have to leap over hurdles and maneuver around obstacles. I knew that I would not have much time to make friends or give attention to the friends that I had. I knew that I would have to neglect myself at times to meet deadlines. What I did not realize was the impact that D-Voyant would have on the lives of its readers, the lives of my family, and most critically my life.

“D-Voyant, The Forgotten Hero Rises”, is an adventurous series showcasing Darren, the main character who is a black teen with Autism and Epilepsy. The story takes place in the year 2172. D-Voyant begins with Darren having to make the biggest decision of his life. As the storyline unfolds, the exciting and adventurous events following that decision will either make or break him as he tries to save and protect those unique individuals left behind to die.


This book... No, this journey changed my whole life. It showed me that with hard work, determination, and a good support system, anything is possible. Like I’ve said before, our unique population is generally undervalued, overlooked, and disregarded in many respects. They should have a voice too. My vision is to one day give them all the encouragement to speak. The encouragement to live, love, and learn. With this teacher’s guide, Black Maverick Comics will give students across the country, and one day the world, the opportunity to learn in a fun and beneficial way while also increasing their social-emotional responsiveness. Reading stories that are engaging and educational will spark the creativity of our young learners for generations to come. Join us on our journey.


We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

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