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  • It inspires empathy and understanding, as it depicts the experiences of individuals who are bullied and marginalized because of their disabilities. This portrayal can foster a deeper appreciation for the challenges faced by such individuals and highlight the value of kindness and perseverance.

  • The story's focus on a character inspired by someone with a loving and positive attitude despite difficulties might encourage readers to adopt a more optimistic outlook and to be more accepting and inclusive of people with disabilities. It could also serve as a source of comfort and empowerment for readers who have faced similar struggles, offering them a superhero they can relate to and look up to

  • the sci-fi and fantasy elements of the series are likely to stimulate the imagination of readers by introducing them to a rich and complex world that is drastically different from our own. The narrative invites readers to explore themes of warfare, rebellion, and the fight against oppressive forces, which could lead to a reflection on the nature of power, freedom, and resilience 

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Black Maverick Comics definitely embodies the superpowers of People of Color! I really enjoyed the colorful graphics and plot twists of D-Voyant. I recommend the books as well as their professional illustration and publishing services to any authors who are looking to bring their stories to life!!!!

A Truly Complex Science Fiction Adventure

The D-Voyant series promises a complex world filled with advanced technology, post-apocalyptic landscapes, rebel movements, supernatural adversaries, and mysterious plots. 

For Young Adults and Older

The series deals with complex themes such as war, rebellion, resilience, and the struggles of individuals with disabilities who are bullied and marginalized. The narrative includes scenes of battle and suspense, as well as depictions of a post-apocalyptic Earth, which suggests a certain level of maturity is required to fully grasp the story's depth.​


The D-Voyant series may be best suited for young adults and older. This demographic is often equipped to handle mature content and themes, and they might also appreciate the social commentary embedded within the narrative. 


Mr. Boyd has created a new type of superhero. Inspired by his own experiences, Mr. Boyd’s character is one in which many of his readers’ will connect with. Well written and illustrated. I’m looking forward to more adventures written by Mr. Boyd.

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Hutchinson Boyd


Hutchinson Boyd is a science fiction author who enjoys long walks in the park, eating spicy foods, and watching terrible late-night movies. His passion for storytelling led him down the path of producing graphic novels during the pandemic, and from the success of doing so, he was able to begin helping other authors make impactful stories as well. D-Voyant is as much a wonderous action/adventure story as it is a reflection of the world we live in today. Groups were segregated and mistreated for being different and oppressive governments did everything in their power to cripple the masses. D-Voyant is a Dystopian novel filled with compelling characters, and a clear connection to reality while maintaining its position as a fantastical and sometimes scary world to live in.

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