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Our SEL Program

Our primary goal is for every child and young adult in schools across the nation to be inspired and take worthwhile chances without fear of failure. BMC has taken the initiative to change the stigma that plagues our schools and bridge the gap between the General Education student population and the Special Education student population. Everyone has different favorable abilities and gifts to share with the world.


Our Program focuses on building Social Emotional Awareness through our Instructional books and supplementary materials. 

So What?

  • Our Progam teaches students to be team-oriented and emotionally aware.

  • Our Program’s pricing and cataloging promote autonomy over what a school needs. 

  • Our diverse characters increase the self-esteem of people of marginalized groups and assist in reducing stereotypes of underrepresented groups.

  • Our differentiated materials and resources help educators connect with different learning styles.


Our team encourages everyone to spread the word and join us on this journey to bring peace, harmony, love, and kindness to all.

Life Sized D-Voyant Cutout

Our Instructional Resources

We provide two types of instructional resources. Our coloring books are for grades K-3, and our Graphic novels are for grades 4-5. 

Each of our SEL- based instructional resources are designed to accommodate General Education, Special Education, and English New Learner populations while demonstrating core content through (main idea and details, rule-based summarization, opinion writing pieces, realistic student debates, and more.) Our differentiated materials and resources help educators connect with different learning styles, maximizing student participation.

D-Voyant Instructional Book Covers Layout

Our Puzzles, Games, and Graphic Organizers

Our instructional jigsaw, word search, and emotion-matching puzzles provide children with entertainment while building their  Social Awareness. Our scavenger hunt allows students to gain experience working as a team to achieve a goal. 

An image of a child having a wonderful time solving a puzzle that features D-Voyant.

Our Supplementary Materials

These are some of our Social Emotional Learning Posters. They model healthy relationships and teach students to deal with their emotions productively. Our supplementary materials are excellent additions to our main programs because they enhance the SEL messaging and overall student experience. 

The entire D-Voyant team on in poster form.

Artist Residency

Our artist residency program was designed to expose children to the necessary components to create theme-based art. Our neurotypical and neurodiverse multi-sensory approach engages students in drawing and builds their growth mindset while tapping into their learning intelligence, maximizing their success. 

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