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About US

Black Maverick Comics Publishing offers full-service publishing solutions for aspiring authors in New York. Our experienced professionals handle every step of the publishing process, from creating acquisitions to marketing and distributing your books. We provide authors with quality services to help them create their dreams and bring their stories to life.

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Our Backstory

We are Black Maverick Comics and we come from humble beginnings. Our CEO, Hutchinson Boyd, created Black Maverick Comics because of his passion for art and storytelling. When he established BMC , his vision was to create a place where people could go to construct, distribute, and read about heroes that inspire them. BMC would bring new characters with compelling stories to the world through the creative minds of upcoming story tellers.


Black Maverick Comics is an all-inclusive graphic novel and digital story publishing company. We achieve our vision by offering illustration services, text editing, and formatting for books, webtoons, and posters. Our first project is D-Voyant, a book about a hero with Autism and Epilepsy that fights against a misguided society to save himself, his friends, and the world.


Black Maverick Comics strives to give people an opportunity to create phenomenal books and stories, utilizing their creative juices while working together with our team of experts.

Follow Us On Our Journey!

We have made strides in different communities by sharing our stories at our events. Whether it is a Career Day for a school, fundraising event, convention, or summer reading program, we have raised awareness about our heroes. See below what we have accomplished thus far!

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