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[TO SHIP INTERNATIONALLY, PLEASE CONTACT]When the human race is invaded by mechanical aliens able to manipulate their appearance at will, people stood to fight for their homes, families, and way of life.


Sorrowfully, the fight against these metallic beings brought them to the brink of extinction. However, through a strange twist of fate, our heroes were brought together. Though they may not be the most likely duo, they are the last hope against the annihilation of the human race. Jessie is a genius scientist and tactician who is often misunderstood by her comrades. She spent her time working and masking her sadness with humor and a positive demeanor until she met Alex, the Black Mimic. Alex is a soldier who was granted strange abilities after a run in with a group of Mimics. 


Though Alex and Jessie just met, they quickly realize that they need to work together to give their people hope. Mimic is A story about friendship and bravery in the face of uncertainty, MIMIC intrigues its readers with its action-packed, level-headed story featuring memorable characters! 


Join Alex and Jessie as they work together to uncover the sadistic enemies' nefarious plot and save the world!

MIMIC: Volume 1

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