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Flyers/Social Media Posts

Marketing is time-consuming and frustrating for some people. Many authors have time to post about their books but need more time, patience, and know-how to create the content. We offer Flyers/Posters and Social Media designs for you. Send us the images of the content that you want to advertise and the aspect ratio that you need (16:9) (1:1) (4:3) (9:16), to name a few. We will ask you for the information you want in the post or flyer, and within a week, you will have a series of brochures and posts to add to your social media! It is simple, quick, and painless! 


View our packages below. If this does not work for you, let us know!

Travel Apps


Social Media Ads

Every Author needs viewership. The best way to build a fanbase is through social media ads, so why do so many authors avoid it? Well, it’s complicated. The time it takes to make captivating stories is equivalent to a full-time job. Most authors do not have the time, patience, or know-how to create effective ads. 


We have made the process simpler. All you have to do is send us the book you are advertising and a blurb, and we will do the rest! Once done, you can post your ad and watch the views roll in!


Our ad package includes the ad, the demographics, and a template description for you to use. Below are our prices.

Social Media Pages

Creating a social media page takes research, time, and skill. What keywords will make your page easier to find? How should your profile picture look? If there is a cover photo section, what should be on it?


Most people do not put much thought into these things when creating a social media page, but as an author, you must! 


If you do not have the time to do it or would rather someone with expertise create your page, choosing Black Maverick Comics is the best option. We are affordable because we cater to the less established author who wants to make their brand shine but does not have the capital to spend thousands. 

We put in the most effort and time to make your page represent you! Try our social media service and request the platform you want to post on. You will receive a bio template that matches your energy and a brand-focused cover photo. If you live nearby, we can have a photo shoot to ensure you get a professional picture for your profile. If not, we will request your files. 


Afterward, we will create three posts to add to your page to bring in followers from day one. Really, what is there to lose? Try out our service today!

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