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Wonderful Moments at the Believe Gala!


Recently, BMC was invited to attend the Believe Gala, hosted by QSAC! We donated four items to their silent auction and raised hundreds of dollars for QSAC (Quality Services for The Autistic Community.)

We met many influential individuals that have contributed to the Autistic community over the years and learned how we can contribute in more ways moving forward. Susan Lacher, the Director of Koeppel Auto Group, Bryan from W.B. Mason, Sylvia Fahie, a proud mother of two Autistic children, and many others shared their kind words and support of D-Voyant and for that we want to say thank you! Doors are opening and D-Voyant is becoming known across New York. Let's keep pushing!

Stay with us on our journey to make D-Voyant a household name and increase cultural responsiveness in schools across NYC and eventually the country. To support us, purchase your copy of D-Voyant: The Forgotten Hero Rises and share it with friends and family. Also take advantage of our new D-Voyant related merchandise before it runs out!


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