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Things Are Getting Real!

Think back to a time when you had a teacher that was intelligent and knew their stuff but you couldn't connect with them. No matter how hard you tried, they bored you or their lessons were hard to understand. Many students go through that multiple times throughout their educational careers. Students in Elementary School suffer exponentially when this happens. Having a program that grabs their attention and motivates them to want to learn is extremely important.

These past several months, we have been working vigorously to create something out of this world, a D-Voyant SEL Program. D-Voyant is a book that not only entertains but teaches life lessons and reflects on real-world problems. Segregation, bullying, feelings of abandonment, and feelings of fear to name a few. Our readers seeing how the main character, Darren deals with these problems and overcomes his own personal struggles gives them an idea of how to do the same in their own lives.

Right now, many schools are suffering due to a lack of Social Emotional Learning Programs. These programs help students identify their emotions and cope with negative emotions in a healthy way. The programs also build upon a student's potential to make friends and have long-lasting, healthy relationships.

The combination of D-Voyant and SEL (Social Emotional Learning) is a powerful tool to help students build their social awareness. Why? How do we stand out? That's simple. Firstly, D-Voyant is a story featuring a diverse cast of characters, promotes inclusion through storytelling, and creates a sense of belonging with youth through its imagery and entertaining suspense. Secondly, we designed our program to accommodate to General, Special, and English New Learner Populations through differentiation. Lastly, we are approaching the students with this information through the lens of a superhero. What child does not feel amazement and wonder when seeing a superhero? Those features create a bridge for us to deliver our information in a fun and exciting way.

Our goal is to pilot in a school district and allow our D-Voyant SEL Program to excite the youth and educate them through SEL. This goal requires YOUR help. Parents, reach out to your children's teachers. Deliver the message that this program is here. Teachers, contact us and request to try our materials in your classrooms. Monitor their effectiveness and share that information with us. The more we know, the more we can improve. Share our program with your administrators. Work with us to promote this program so that your students can learn SEL more effectively and can grow to be socially aware adults.

To contact us, find us on social media or reach us through our website

Thank you. Enjoy this video below of our CEO speaking to the Superintendent of The Mount Vernon School District about making a change through our D-Voyant SEL Program.


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