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Fight the MIMICs This Christmas!

"Where Everyone Can Be a Hero." What does this motto mean to us? Our goal is to publish stories for authors that want to share their souls with the world. I say "soul" because I believe art is the expression of the soul.

An author who truly puts his soul into his work is Edward Boye-Doe. According to Edward, he writes to "escape the real world." He suffered from bullying as a child and used writing as his only outlet. He enjoys writing Sci-Fi novels and Comic book scripts. The stories that he wrote were a perfect fit for the BMC Universe.

Recently, we published MIMIC: Volume 1, a story about two mavericks working together in the fight against robots from space, hell-bent on eradicating every human being on the planet. The book features our main hero, Alex, and a genius Mimic Specialist, Jessie. They must work together to fight Mimics and save humanity from annihilation.

Go to our website and get your hands on Mimic: Volume 1 today.


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