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D-Voyant at The Believe Gala!

Exciting news, everyone. Black Maverick Comics was invited to the Believe Gala by QSAC (Quality Services for The Autistic Community) this June. We are so thankful for the chance to be able to place D-Voyant swag on auction to raise money for such a profoundly charitable foundation. We can't wait to put up a carousel of the night on our page, so stay tuned and follow us on IG and FB so you won't miss the fun.


A quick notice, we have just purchased another batch of books for our eager fans today. Thank you to everyone that has purchased a copy of D-Voyant: Book 1. Stay tuned for more to come this Summer and Fall from the Black Maverick Comics Team. If you haven't purchased your copy of D-Voyant yet, there are very few physical copies left in stock so hurry. If you aren't into physical books, that's okay! We have a D-Voyant: Book 1 E-Book available on

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