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Character Creation & Design

Do you have a vision for a character in mind? Still, do they have the artistic prowess to bring it to life? Well, you are not alone. Many people can draw on some level, but few have the skill to draw professionally. If you want to see your character in full color, try out our character design package. 


Our package starts with sketches. First, we begin with a meeting to discuss the character’s story. A story helps us to capture the essence of the character. What is their personality? Next, we produce three sketches, front, side, and back views, to capture your character's form, stature, and general appearance. Then, we move into the fun part. We draw a pinup of your character so you can see them in full color! Once completed, we combine all files into a document so you can see our process from beginning to end.


If this sounds like something you need, try our package for less than it costs to buy a Nintendo Switch. That’s a thirty-minute call, three sketches, one fully colored pinup, and a document showcasing each step of the way. By the end of the process, you will finally have the character you have seen in your mind for so long.

Get 20% off your first service by signing up today!

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