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Grammer Editing

Comprehensive Editing

Developmental Editing

Have you completed the first draft of your manuscript? Have you shown it to your parents and friends and asked their opinions, but still aren’t sure it is a captivating story? If you are, you will first need a developmental edit of your manuscript. 


After submitting your work to us for a manuscript evaluation, we will review and compose what is known as an “editorial letter.” An editorial letter is a summary highlighting all the story issues we’ve come across in your book. We will also make live suggestions through our Microsoft editor that you can see and respond to promptly. It could take one, two, or three tries before this process helps you capture the big pictures of your story perfectly.


  • Only $6 per page

  • Suggestions are provided seamlessly.

  • Improved character development.

  • We help you refine your story's plot.

  • Tailored feedback and recommendations.

  • We keep your manuscript secure.

Send your manuscript today if you want to enhance your work and create a book with a good flow, excellent character development, no plot holes, fantastic action sequences, and transparent dialogue. Once done, we will send you a document highlighting all the story issues that need correction.


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This is the fact checker of the editing process. We ensure the sentences and paragraphs flow well and contain information that makes sense. This process involves eliminating jargon and convoluted text, enhancing grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and trimming repetitive and unnecessary words. 


  • Only $5 per page.

  • Improved clarity and readability.

  • Refined sentence structure and word choice.

  • Consistent style, tone, and voice.

Escalate your writing by sending your manuscript and receiving your copy-edited text today!

Proof Reading

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Every writer has the same fear. A reader is enthralled in your book and comes across a devastating error. Whether it's misspelled, a grammatical error, or a punctuation error that makes your writing sound like a run-on sentence, these mistakes can disjoint the flow of reading your book.​​

  • Competitive Pricing at $0.01 per word

  • perfected grammar, spelling, and punctuation

  • Improve your academic and professional success

  • Get published faster

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