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“Never judge a book by its cover” is something we are told when referring to people. However, in literature, everyone judges a book by its cover. Having a cover that captures your vision of your book is imperative. Potential readers will open your book based on how the outside makes them feel. Is it mysterious, exciting, or extravagant? 


Our job is to ensure that the first thing readers see reflects your story’s energy. 


Take advantage of our fair-priced cover designs. Our graphic novel cover designs are cost-effective for a front and back cover. To ensure that we capture your vision, we will meet with you to get your story’s visions from you directly. Then, we will brainstorm the idea for the cover. We will draw sketches to give you an idea of what the cover will look like before receiving it.

Then, we provide a detailed summary of everything we decide in our meetings. Lastly, we explain how the process works and what it will require. 

Books and Magazines

Cover Design

  • 1 hr

    9.99 US dollars

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